Gammons: Sox have discussed a Delcarmen for Johnson swap with Nationals

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Here's a transcript of ESPN's Peter Gammons during his regular Friday morning visit with the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN radio. There is some good stuff in here, including:

--A clear denial that Indians players Victor Martiner and Cliff are on the market.

--confirmation that the Nationals and Red Sox have discussed a Nick Johnson for Manny Delcarmen swap should David Ortiz continue to struggle.

--The Yankees and Red Sox will go to "Mark Teixeira money or greater" for Joe Mauer if he hits the free agent market.

--The new Yankee Stadium is becoming the "biggest joke in baseball".


Just curious to get your thoughts on Interleague play beginning this weekend. Have your thoughts on Interleague play changed as it’s gone along? PG: Yeah, they have. I totally appreciate that in Chicago, in New York, in Los Angeles there’s a stir created that’s good for the game. Cubs/White Sox, Yankees/Mets on a Saturday afternoon are very good for the game. Saturday afternoons and Sunday nights. But there are so many injustices in it in what it can impact. You can really get lucky and you can win a division with a weaker interleague schedule. I think it’s happened. Maybe there’s too much of it. Maybe you need to boil it down to fewer games and fewer aberrations.

If you’re the Mets or the Yankees, those six games compared to somebody playing Washington and Florida, or whatever, that’s a huge difference. If you’re the Mets or the Yankees, those six games as opposed to somebody else playing Washington or Florida – that’s a huge difference. You play the Mets six times if you’re the Yankees, and Toronto gets to play Washington or Florida, well there’s an injustice there. I realize right and wrong take a backseat to dollars, but at the same time they could cut back on the interleague play. I think it’s lost some of its impact.

Isn’t it cyclical though with teams having good and bad years? PG: It is cyclical. But still having to play the Mets six times is a vast disadvantage to the Yankees. I think it’s great for the game and it creates fan interest, but it’s a lot different than playing some of the weaker teams. But I really don’t think the owners care at all. It’s like having 40-man rosters in September. I don’t think the owners care about the justice of how pennants are won.

Where will Jake Peavy get traded to eventually? PG: I think it’s going to be very hard to trade. I think every week from now until the trade deadline there’s going to a team that’s going to drop out, and there are going to be fewer teams to go to. This is a pretty complex situation. To accept a trade he wants his 2013 option for $22 million picked up, which means it’ll be pretty close to $70 million for next year through 2013 for him. That’s a lot of money for most teams.

I don’t know if the Cubs can do it. The Cubs can’t come up with the pitchers that the White Sox did in this deal. The Braves had interest during the Winter Meetings, but they backed off and got their pitching. Pitching isn’t their problem. I don’t think the Cardinals will pay that kind of money. If the Cubs can’t do it, then I’m not sure if he is going to be traded. If he is with the Padres then I’m not sure they can float that salary.

It severely restricts the Padres if they have to keep him because of the money that he’s owed. This is a difficult problem. This is a deal that made a lot of sense to the White Sox, but I’m not sure it makes sense for anybody else. This will be an interesting scenario, and it will make a lot of general managers say the next time they’re doing a contract that ‘I’m not doing a no-trade clause” because the Padres are basically held captive. I know Jake loves it there and he’s really an honest guy, but at the same time he’s really holding the Padres by the scruff of the neck.

How about other players that could be on the trade block? PG: Well, No Victor Martinez and Cliff Lee are not on the trade block. That’s one of those Internet fabrications that isn’t true. The Indians would trade Mark DeRosa if they got major league pitching. Washington with their 2-16 bullpen are trying to move Nick Johnson and Austin Kearns and some of their semi-attractive veteran players to get relief pitchers. I know they offered Nick Johnson to Boston for Manny Delcarmen.

That hasn’t happened and may not until the Red Sox make a decision on David Ortiz. It’s early for trades to happen, but at the same time the Padres/White Sox deal is a reminder that now more teams are interested because more teams believe they have a chance to win in May or early June. And also if you trade for a player before June 1 you get four months of service rather than the two months. I think if there were a trade right now it’s far better for the seller and the buyer.

Cubs were swept by the Cardinals for the first time in a very long time. What can Lou Piniella do besides yell and scream at the Cubs PG: Well there’s not much he can do. They have to wait for Aramis Ramirez to come back and hope that Derrek Lee is completely healthy. They’ve made a lot of moves and spent a lot of money, and to me until the team is officially sold basically the money they have they have to hold on to for pitching.

They have to decide if they’re going to have their rotation healthy come September or they may need a relief pitcher, so there’s really not anything they can do as far as changing their lineup right now. They just need to stabilize it, get healthy and worry about the pitching.

Ozzie Guillen says that Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are the best 1-2 punch in baseball right now. Is he right about that? PG: Very close. It’s hard to argue with Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira, but there should be no doubt in the 19 games played since Mauer has come back from injury that he’s the best player in the American League.

Eight homers, 24 RBIs, 1.319 OPS in 19 games. It’s amazing. My advice to the Twins is to get that contract done now because he’s a free agent in 2010. My guess is that if Joe Mauer makes it to the open market that both the Red Sox and Yankees will go right to Mark Teixeira or greater money to go get him.

Yankees lead the AL in home runs and Phillies lead the NL in home runs. What’s the over/under for home runs hit in the new Yankee Stadium this weekend? PG: Three games, I’m taking 16. Buster Olney has been pointing out that they’re going to pass last year’s totals in the old [Yankee] Stadium by about June 15. I’m tired of people saying that it’s too early and we don’t have enough games.

We have enough games and it wasn’t a very well-planned ballpark. Any player will tell you that [the new Yankee Stadium] has become one of the biggest jokes in baseball.

I’ll tell you what though. My little kids watching the games with all the home runs are jumping up and down on the couch. They love it. PG: Yeah, there are some pitching coaches jumping up and down too.


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