Big Papi continues to battle, Bro!

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"Everybody's going crazy. The way [fans and media] talk, it's like [they think] the pitchers put the ball on a tee, [and say] "Hit it Papi. They're trying to get you out.''

So sayeth David Ortiz in an piece by Jon Heymanafter a brief chat with the still-struggling Papi at Yankee Stadium over the last couple of days.

After getting a couple of hits on Wednesday a lot of people -- myself included -- thought that Ortiz was over the hump and ready to start "making people pay." He looked just as frustrated last night at Yankee Stadium as well, and at one point lofted a lazy fly to centerfield on a pitch he usually crushes. As soon as he made contact, he stopped dead in his tracks and looked up to the sky as if to say "Bro, what the heck is going on."

I will continue to maintain what I've said all along and point to something that Ortiz told me durung spring training. Ortiz is used to beginning his hitting regimen in January and up until 2004 actually continued to play in the Dominican Winter League, and following the knee surgery his doctors pushed his normal hitting routine back until February. Even if the knee is feeling pretty good -- which Ortiz will admit he has his good days and bad days with it -- it takes time for a hitter to get all of his moving parts back together into one fluid swing.

The one good thing for the Sox to this point is that Manny Ramirez has picked up the slack for his Papi.

*Interesting tidbit in Charley Walters column in the Pioneer Press (this guy must be the Minnesota version of Wil McDonough). Apparently the Twins are attempting to copy-cat the attention grabbed by the Sox and Yankees during "JerseyGate." Here's the lowdown:  In the wake of the controversy over a Boston Red Sox jersey being buried by a construction worker in concrete in the new Yankee Stadium, supposedly to curse the franchise, look for the Twins in coming days to come up with a celebratory burial stunt in the concrete of their new ballpark.

*Also a quick thanks to the Boston Herald's Steve Buckley for suggesting that I change my blog name to "Habs with Haggs" for the playoffs, but my response to that would be a terse "Sacre Bleu." I don't think I could ever standing stand to support the flailing, flopping Habs even if I didn't grow up in Boston. For what it's worth, I think that rookie mistake by 20-year-old Canadiens goalie Carey Price that led to the Bruins game-winning goal could be a series turning-type moment for the Bruins.

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      Where do I get that fridge? If it's something you have to send labels (or case UPC codes) away for, I should be all set.
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