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Alright, since it’s now up on!/lemme-at-em-lemme-at-em-265595.php I guess I feel like it’s time to the get the Boston point of view out there about Media Brawlgate.

Let’s start with the fun stuff: The Boston media corps broke an 11 game losing streak in lambasting the whiny New York media by a final score of 14-7 and Hacks with Haggs was certainly living up to his nickname with a solid single to right, a run scored and an outstanding imitation of Manny Ramirez (complete with water bottle in my back pocket and dreadlock hair extensions) in left field directly in front of the Green Monster.

Former WEEI intern Andy Hackett scorched an RBI double off the Monster, MLB stringer and Metro Gameday writer Mike Petraglia also had a base clearing double (and a pair of solid professional at bats) when the New York media opted to intentionally walk Manchester Union Leader writer Kevin Gray (and the New York scribes were accusing us of taking things too seriously but they were intentionally walking people! Someone please explain that one to me) and face Petrags with runners in scoring position.

Gray actually did come within about 10 feet of hitting a ball completely out of the park to left field when he smoked a pitch to the left of the Fisk pole next to the Monster seats. The ball continued right on travelling out of the park...a shot it was. 

Pretty good for a dorky donut-eating media member, right?

Boston Herald writer Tony Massarotti had some control issues in the opening frame but settled down and kept us in the game after giving up five runs in the first innings, and both Herald blog master Rob Bradford and CN8 producer Jeb Fisher were able to hold down the Yankees bats and enable us to win the game.

Perhaps the best actual baseball play in the game was an Abreu-esque catch by 890 ESPN’s Mike Salk in right field with one out in the final inning – a catch so good that he was then able to double the runner off second base to end the game and commence a great deal of celebrating by the Hub writers, radio and TV broadcasters.


Now on to the brawl which was very one-sidedly chronicled by a series of New York wags yesterday. The incident wasn’t isolated and actually built throughout the game as we piled on the runs and Red Sox Spanish broadcaster Uri Berenguer crashed into the New York catcher at home plate – a collision that jarred the ball loose from the catcher and scored a big run for the Boston media people.

The New York catcher, who I can’t identify because he was definitely not a NY media member and instead was wearing a Tabor Academy T-shirt which betrays him as a local “ringer” instead of a legit writer, took exception to Uri’s slide and contended that he had “spiked him” when he came into the plate.

Whatever…it’s a media game. Get over it and keep enjoying playing baseball inside Fenway Park is all I was thinking.

But when Uri again came up to the plate several innings later with the game now a blowout, a struggling New York reliever was taken out of the game and New York inserted the Bergen Daily Record’s Bob Klapisch, a guy that throws exceptionally hard and pitched competitively in college and reportedly still pitches in the equivalent of the InnerCity League in NY.

Before Uri stepped into the box, the catcher (or Mr. Tabor as I like to call him) told him to “watch out for a pitch in his ear” while Klapisch was warming up. Uri came over to me (I was on deck) and told me what the catcher had just said, and I actually was thinking the same thing.

Sure enough Klapisch, who throws a fastball in the 80-mph range – drilled Uri in the helmet with the VERY FIRST PITCH!

Uri, understandably stunned, got up and immediately started jawing with Klapisch, who seemed a lot more angry than concerned about a kid that was hit in the head with a fastball. It may be that Klapisch intended to just “buzz the tower” and send Uri a message, but if so it went horribly wrong and could have been a lot worse than it ended up.

Boston media manager and Boston Red Sox announcer Carl Beane obviously took exception to the pitch, Klapisch’s reaction and the general New York arrogance and began jawing with the pitcher. This precipitated a barrage of insults toward Beane by both Klapisch and John Harper, who basically told the longtime announcer to “get off the field and that he didn’t have a place there” as if members of the New York media did.

Order was restored and the game was completed and it’s actually pretty funny to explain now, but don’t believe the fair-haired New York media members when they say that they were innocent bystanders in the entire thing.
Far from it.

I’ll post some pictures in a little bit…


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    • 6/10/2007 5:51 PM Fudd wrote:
      Klapisch has at least one other media game dust-up on his record. About twenty years ago I recall Mets' announcer Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner discussing how Klapisch threw his all-out fastball to a then 65+ year-old Kiner. Mention of the incident and Kiner's reaction during the game made the New York tabloids.
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